Truro Front Garden



A returning customer, as we did a large make over in the rear garden last year. The front had a sloped drop at one end of 1.5 metres with access steps to a side gate and the back garden on both sides. Stepping stones came through the granite chipping to the front door. The existing planting was tired.

The Brief

The client wanted access to the windows and fascia of the property for maintenance. Materials were chosen to match those existing and used in the back garden. For ease of access we have designed a retaining wall (to match the existing walling) to give the client level access.

The Project

We recycled the bricks left over from previous projects to continue the wall around and make a level area.

Weed-suppressant membrane was topped with golden flint and a range of plants selected for movement, scent, colour and all year round interest.

Cynara cardunculus and Stipa gigantea provide height and an architectural element and Stipa tenuissima sway in the slightest of breezes.  A purple, pink and white theme is carried throughout with Perovskia ‘Blue Spire’, Leucanthemum ‘Wirral Pride’, Eryngium and Anigozanthus.  Gradually spreading Geranium ‘Rozanne’ flowers its socks off for months on end, trailing Rosemary breaks up the length of the wall and this and the fennel add scent.  The whole garden is buzzing with butterflies and bees.