Countryside Home, Milton Combe

The clients had lived in the village for a number of years before buying and renovating the property. Set on the outskirts of Dartmoor the property is situated at the bottom of a valley with a steep west-facing slope as part of the garden and with a small stream running through it.

Their vision was to have a high impact low maintenance garden that wrapped around the property, providing a transition to the grassland slope and the countryside beyond.

The client approached Landscapes of Distinction at an early stage as renovations were starting so that the garden and house could be designed as one. Initially we were employed to design the garden but the client was so delighted that we were asked to complete the landscaping too!

The Brief

The garden and house very much work as one, with large windows and doors linking the internal and external areas. It was important to ensure the areas directly around the property (on three sides) provided interest throughout the four seasons, privacy from neighbours, whilst enabling as much light as possible to enter the property.

Situated at the foot of a valley, drainage was paramount.

As part of the brief we ensured both the oil tank and boiler pipe were disguise.

The Project

The garden offers fantastic views from all windows, ensuring the gardens beauty can be appreciated 365 days of the year. Planting of taller exotics along the northern boundary created privacy from the other properties whilst more integrate plants closer to the home created a series of wows!

All the planting areas were mulched with a golden gravel to reduce maintenance and link to the stone used to line the stream. Where appropriate a weed suppressant membrane was also used. Landscapes of Distinction designed the whole area, although due to works on the property the landscaping will be undertaken in two parts.

The client was over the moon with the completion of stage one which has now had 12 months establishing and is keen to progress with the second stage which includes a mirror to reflect and add depth to the stream, a living roof on the shed and two entertaining areas; one directly outside the kitchen patio door and the other looking down on the stream.