Treffry Road, Truro

The client retired to their Truro property from Oxfordshire in 2015. The previous owners to property had undertaken some initial landscaping to part of the garden with an ecliptic mix of materials but it remained largely unfinished.

Their vision was for a garden the client could enjoy and relax in, they didn’t want to be tied to regular maintenance but enjoy pottering in the garden. The client approached Landscapes of Distinction to design and landscape their garden.

The Brief

It was important to have a transition between the native woodland and more formal garden area. This was created using planting that gave a more naturalistic feel but offering all year round interest and scent.

Landscapes of Distinction suggested a formal seating and entertaining area that was sheltered and enclosed within the surrounding the garden.
A second sheltered ‘drinks area’ was included with a stainless steel and glass screen directly outside the backdoor so that the couple could regularly enjoy the magnificent views across Truro.

The client was keen to have a yin and yang feature as a reminder of their Oxfordshire garden. This was incorporated as a central feature leading off the sweeping steps. A 5m stainless steel ring defined the areas with small black and white gravel used to compliment the six stainless ball sculptures.

The previous slippery footpath that joined the front and back gardens was removed. The planting from the Japanese style garden was extended to form a cohesive link between the two gardens. An informal gravel footpath with sleeper steps enabled the client to meander between the areas enjoying the pieces of sculpture they have collected.

Plan for Treffry Road

The Project

The garden offers privacy and shelter making it useable throughout the year. Landscapes of Distinction created a journey through a series of outdoor rooms. Focal points and sculpture enhanced views and created interested, drawing the eye to new and secluded areas of the garden.

The client is delighted to be able to retain a relatively large garden that doesn’t require lots of maintenance, leaving them time to explore Cornwall and enjoy their garden.